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What do you mean when you say your bats are “handcrafted” or “handmade”?

‘Handcrafted’ or a ‘Handmade’ bat is one made by a craftsman standing behind a lathe who cuts, forms, and sands the bat with his or her own hands and by using specific tools. The process takes time and is completely dependent on the craftsman’s attention to detail.


*Note: A ‘Handcrafted’ or ‘Handmade’ bat IS NOT cut by a CNC machine and then sanded by hand - those bats are referred to as ‘hand-sanded’ bats.


How long will it take for me to receive my bat after placing my order?

Because every one of our bats is handcrafted to our customers’ specifications, we do not create bats in bulk and sell from stock. That being said, you can expect your bat to be delivered around 2 weeks after order.


What causes a wooden bat to break?

There are any numbers of factors that can make your bat more prone to breaking, but breaks are most typically caused by putting too much force on the weakest parts of the bat. While it goes without saying that madly slamming your bat on the ground weakens it, it also can cause the bat to shatter if you continue to do so.


The most common way of breaking a baseball bat, though, is when you hit an inside pitch on the handle of the bat


Can I keep my wooden bat from breaking?

No wooden bat is immune to the threat of splintering, fracturing, or breaking completely. However, there are ways to protect your bat in order to get the most use out of it. Taking care of your bat will let your bat take care of you.


Which bat should I use?

Choose the bat that best suits you - not the bat that best suits your favorite player or your best friend. Every batter has different strengths, weaknesses, and feels. You may prefer a top heavy bat to a well-balanced bat, a huge knob to a standard one, or a short barrel to a longer one. Whatever the case may be, pick what you like.


Always remember, a big barrel bat does not mean you will start hitting home runs - and a small barrel bat does not mean you are destined for nothing but singles. Bat speed is a huge factor into successful hitting - so choose a bat that feels good to you and makes you comfortable in the box.


How many striping combinations do you offer on your vintage bats?

Are the striping configurations on your site the only ones we have to choose from?

We offer a nearly infinite number of striping configurations and combinations. Not only do we regularly come up with new ideas, we are always welcome to execute your personal idea. Contact us and let’s talk ideas!


What is the difference between Ash, Birch, and Maple?

Ash is a very flexible wood with properties that oftentimes result in quicker bat speed due to the whipping, slinging action the wood creates. 


Maple is a dense wood. Because of this, Maple bats are typically more stiff, which allows for more pop.


Birch is the best of both worlds - it takes the flexibility of Ash and the density of Maple and combines them into one.


All 3 wood types are the very best for making bats and are all used by professionals.


What is the correct way to hit with a wood bat?

Always hit with the Smacker logo facing towards the sky when the ball is struck. Our job, as a bat maker, is to place the logo in the correct spot so the batter may realize the best results.


Why did my apparel order come from Spreadshirt?

Smacker Bats has decided to use a third party resource to print and ship our apparel. Spreadshirt is a global platform and an ideal custom merchandise partner who can take any t-shirt design we can think of and print top-quality custom shirts. All apparel ordered from Smacker Bats is processed through a separate company - you will be paying Spreadshirt directly as opposed to Smacker Bat Co. - so your shipment will come directly from Spreadshirt and your apparel may or may not be branded as such.



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